Premier Real Estate Consultants has extensive experience and familiarity in the field of property management and has constructed a strong business model that starts and ends with complete customer satisfaction. We understand the complexities of managing residential real estate. We know that there are a lot of small details that come along with successfully managing multiple units, and with our extensive experience in the field of multi-family assets, we are confident to address each and every detail. We firmly believe that working alongside you, the customer, is the most profitable and productive way to manage this kind of real estate. We’ve learned that open and honest communication with our customers, paired with our expert knowledge and various resources, is the secret recipe for happy tenants, a clean and well functioning property, and a profitable investment all around.

It starts with having a solid business model; carried out by passionate, competent and expert staff who are committed to working efficiently, who can create successful marketing strategies for vacant units, and who strive to maintain a high level of tenant satisfaction with a rapid response time to maintenance issues. Our professionally trained team are “people-people,” and naturally go above and beyond to exceed the expectations of everyone they come in contact with. We trust our staff to treat your tenants with respect and professionalism, and ensure only the highest level of customer service at all time.

This is what really makes the difference. We are constantly looking for ways to cut expenses and increase rental income, resulting in higher profits for our customers. The services that we offer can be customized in a way that makes the most sense for your particular property, and our extensive list of services covers everything you need (and even some things you didn’t know you needed!) to run a profitable and successful apartment ownership.