• “The passion, drive and commitment that the owners (Matt & Eric) have for real estate and business in general, is unparalleled to any property management company or consultants that I’ve used in the past. Their brutal honesty and transparency is something I truly value and would highly recommend them!”

    Jared M., Building Owner

  • “I’ve owned over 15 units in the Hartford County area for the last 7 years. For the past 3 years my buildings have been treated as if they were owned by these two guys. They have provided transparency from an investment, management AND maintenance perspective; so it made it easy for me to sit back and have my buildings be managed on auto-pilot. I’ve had past property managers who have made me think twice about getting out of the real estate game, BUT thanks to Matt & Eric, my rents have been maximize based on market comps, my bills are paid on time, and my tenants issues get resolved right away.”

    Catherine C. Building Owner

  • “I’ve been a tenant residing in my New Britain apartment I’ve been renting for over 10 years now in the same building. Once Matt & Eric took over management at this building in 2014, I finally felt as if I mattered and was no longer getting ignored. I may not live in a high-rise in New York City, but I sure feel like it. In the past 2 years, I’ve had 2 no heat calls in the middle of the night and both times they had a maintenance crew out here within 1 hour… one time they even showed up themselves to make sure the maintenance guys were getting things done the right away. I must add, their office manager Brittany is a rockstar!”

    Molly D., Tenant

  • “I inherited a few buildings from my Aunt at a young age. I’ve now owned and managed these buildings for almost 15 years, so as you can image it is hard handing over your property to someone else. Eric and Matthew provided me with the comfort I needed in order to alleviate the stress of being a property manager. Anyone can talk the talk, but these guys certainly walk the walk. They put in a great deal of back-office due-dillence in order to provide incredible and easy to understand monthly reports.” Not only do they provide 24/7 customer service to my tenants, but they also answer my phone calls at all hours of the day. One day I plan to leave behind my portfolio to my children, and with the guidance and assistance of Eric and Matthew, I feel confidant my Aunt’s legacy will be carried on successfully from one generation to the next.”

    Robert F., Building Owner